Helicopter courses

Class and Type Ratings:

  • Basic Gas Turbine (B206) and Retractable Undercarriage (B222) design feature endorsements
  • Single engine class rating in Bell 206 Jetranger or AS350 Squirrel – initial issue and flight reviews
  • Type Rating AS355 Twin Squirrel, Kawasaki BK117 and Bell 222 – initial issue, instrument proficiency check (type specific) and flight reviews
  • All class and type ratings are accompanied by a ground course covering aircraft systems, performance, normal and emergency procedures

Night VFR Rating

  • Initial Issue and Flight Reviews
  • A portion of the instrument time can be completed in our simulators
  • Bell 206 or Multi Engine Type if required

Instrument Rating Multi Engine Helicopter

  • Initial Issue and instrument proficiency Checks AS355 Twin Squirrel, Kawasaki BK117 and Bell 222
  • Standard initial issue course includes 2D (DME/GPS Arrival, VOR and RNAV/GNSS Approach) and 3D (ILS Approach) endorsements and Night VFR rating (If specifically required). This can be varied to suit your needs.
  • Hobart Airport has all ground based navaids as well as 2 RNAV/GNSS approaches. local weather conditions provide realistic instrument flight experiences and there are minimal traffic delays
  • We utilise both our Bell 206 and AS355 simulators to maximum effect to increase your learning experience and reduce costs (link to sim page)
  • The Simulators are also available to keep your recent experience (approaches) current

Night Vision Imaging System Rating

  • Initial Issue and Proficiency Checks
  • Initial course includes 1 full day of NVG ground theory and 3 nights of operations (5 hrs NVG plus test)
  • Pilot and Crewman Courses available
  • Bell 206 Jetranger, AS355 Twin Squirrel or Kawasaki BK117
  • NVIS Winching (Pilot and Crew) available on AS355 and BK177
  • We have access to a variety of realistic training locations including lit and unlit areas, clear and confined landing spaces, mountains, valleys and remote areas. Our NVIS instructors and examiners are amongst the most experienced in Australia, having flown countless search and rescue missions all around Tasmania

Instructor Endorsements

  • Night VFR Training
  • Instrument Rating Training
  • Night Vision Imaging System Training
  • Other Operational Ratings
  • Low Level
  • Winch
  • Sling
  • Firebombing
  • Initial issue and flight reviews