Rotorlift was established in 1991 as a Helicopter Sales and Maintenance Company and was expanded to include helicopter operations with an Air Operators Certificate for charter, aerial work and flying school operations.

Rotorlift’s Head Office was relocated from Sydney to Hobart International Airport in 2000 when establishing the “Tasmanian Police Air Rescue Helicopter” service. Now based in Hobart, Rotorlift conducts operations throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Solomon Islands.

The Head office facility, in Hobart, is architecturally-designed and incorporates an in-house engineering department to ensure that all aircraft are expertly maintained. Operational training facilities are also located at the Hobart base.

Rotorlift is a service-oriented company, managing our aviation activities as a mature quality aware company. We observe the principles of quality management with an emphasis on safety awareness and risk mitigation.

Over the past 18 years Rotorlift has embarked on a program of selecting highly experienced personnel from within the industry to form what is now an experienced and capable management team.

The senior management team has extensive experience in operating the single and twin-engine helicopter types in Police, SAR and EMS roles both within Australia and Internationally.

Rotorlift has built a reputation as a “can do” Company while maintaining excellent operational standards and has supplied services to numerous State and Federal Government departments and corporate clients.

Rotorlift’s focus is on the critical elements of our aviation business such as;
✓ Experienced management ensure client confidentiality and well planned operational continuity.
✓ The prerequisite of flight safety achieved through careful selection of experienced aircrew, together with rigorous ongoing training programs and flight checking systems.
✓ The provision of excellent maintenance standards utilising well trained and experienced engineering personnel.
✓ Application of the latest technology available to develop new standards in safety and service to Rotorlift customers.

As shown by the missions and charters we have completed over the previous 18 years, we have developed a team that has the experience to successfully continue to develop procedures and upgrade equipment, to face the ever changing, challenging, multi-task environment that is Tasmania.

Additionally, Rotorlift has set up an Advanced Flight Academy which is the first of its type in Australia.